Thursday, May 21, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

13 Years!

Today would have been my 13th anniversary with Mike. 

So many things I never really appreciated about Mike until he passed away... just to name a few:

  • how organized he kept me
  • how he gave his word and followed through
  • how special his love and affection was
  • how he balanced me out
  • how he protected me and treated me like a princess  
  • how he listened to me and gave me wise counsel
  • how he desired to lead me and be a Godly husband

I just want to encourage all of you to never take a day with your spouse for granted.  Take the time to thank your spouse today!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Update on Mom

4/28 update - The stress test came back clear.  The doctor said Mom will have to have an EKG every year from now on just to monitor her heart.
She is being released today. 
Thank you all for your prayers!


The good news is Mom's incision from her surgery is healing nicely.  She doesn't seem to have any pain from that at all.

The bad news is Mom is back in the hospital. After two visits to the ER because of Mom vomiting so much and 2 nausea medications later, she was admitted back in the hospital on Saturday.  

We still don't have many answers, but as of right now her EKG came back abnormal.  They did an echo-cardiogram yesterday morning but we haven't seen the cardiologist to find out anything regarding her heart.  

After blood tests done at the ER we found out her troponin levels were high which they said she may be have had a small heart attack.  Several blood tests later, we still don't know much but they did give her 6 units of potassium because it was really low, and they also gave her 1 unit of magnesium.  

She was able to rest some which was good because after 3 days of practically no sleep and lots of vomiting, her entire body is completely exhausted.

Praying to get some answers today.  I'll try and keep you all posted.