Monday, August 31, 2009

Las Vegas ~ Day 2

The second day of our visit was spent all day working on donations and getting them organized for the families of the church.
Kathy and I went to the donation center and we were so amazed at how much stuff was in the warehouse.
There were tons and tons of pallets stacked with huge boxes filled with all sorts of things. The church we were helping got 5 double stacked pallets of goodies.This is some of the donation in the house. We sorted everything out and then labeled garbage bags for each family from the church. You just couldn't even imagine the stuff that is donated. Just a small list of the things I can think of - toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair accessories, boxes and boxes of Ziploc bags (all sizes), aluminum foil, plastic wrap, candles, Glade plug ins, diapers (all sizes), dryer sheets, band-aids and lots of medicine. It is amazing to see how God blesses them each month with all this stuff.After a long day of sorting, organizing and bagging we came home and Veronica made empanadas for us. They were delicious. We were all so tired that after eating we all went to bed.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 35

Started making some cards again this week. This is a really cute Get Well card that I made. I got the idea on Split Coast Stampers I had some scrap pieces of design paper and I decided to put them together and make another Get Well card.
Mike and I were driving along and we saw a chicken truck. I am guessing it was going to the Tyson processing plant.
This little red machine has been the best thing we have ever bought off Craigslist. Mike and I have put in about 10 hours of chipping branches. This was the last pile we had and now we are finished.
Mike is off work for 11 days so he has lots of plans to get things completed around the house. Besides chipping the branches up, he also split fire wood and cut up the branches that were to large to put in the chipper.
Saturday night I had another card class. I got so involved in giving them directions and showing them different techniques that I forgot to take any pictures so I snapped this picture of all of the girls holding their favorite card they made.
Today after church we went to Publix to pick up some of their really good sale items. I got toilet paper, candles, napkins, soup, air freshener, marinade, salad dressing, ice cream and A1 sauce all for $13.50. I saved $48.17 between Publix sales and my coupons.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Las Vegas - Day 1

We are sitting at the Atlanta airport waiting for our flight and Rachel is talking to her Mommy.Once we arrived in Las Vegas Aunt Kathy treated us to this delicious frozen yogurt. I can't remember the name but the fresh fruit and yogurt mix I will never forget.Thanks Aunt Kathy for the special treat!Paul and Kathy live near this really cool park. So after our treats we headed to the park. Rachel had fun sliding...playing on the see-saw with Miss Veronica...running in the water area to cool off a bit...and playing boccias.We played several rounds and the results always seemed to be the same...Uncle Paul and Miss Veronica were the best.After all that fun we headed out for dinner. Aunt Kathy had just been shopping at Marshalls and found this cute dress for Rachel. It worked out great because Rachel was wet from running in the water so she changed into this cute dress. Thanks Aunt Kathy for the dress.
And this is my favorite picture of the day. Rachel looks all grown up.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rachel Time

I think I am finally ready to start posting pictures of when we had Rachel with us this summer. I will break these pictures up into different postings so you aren't bombarded with too many pictures.

When Mike's family left to head back home, we headed to Acworth to pick up Rachel. We were able to spend 2 days together with Uncle Mike before she and I headed to Las Vegas to visit Uncle Paul, Aunt Kathy and Veronica (their friend from Argentina).

Rachel, Betsy and I walked to the neighborhood next to us. Rachel had fun on the playground and we all got some exercise

After Rachel completed her homework (yes it was summer but she had homework to do for entering 2nd grade) she played some games on my laptop

Betsy loves playing ball and Rachel did a great job throwing the ball for Betsy to chase

Here Betsy is patiently waiting for her ball to be thrown. I am so surprised how well she did with Rachel

And of course the day is not complete without chicken chores

Rachel got to feed the hens some cracked corn. Normally I would throw the corn out and they would eat it up but Mike has spoiled them by teaching them to eat out of his hand. Rachel filled up the food inside the chicken house and she even collected the eggsThis is the chick area and Rachel was just looking in to make sure they were all being good

Uncle Mike had a great time teaching Rachel all about chickens

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 34

This week brought lots of rain in our area which is a great blessing because we always need rain. I snapped this picture of Betsy because I thought she was cute laying on the towel by the door. This month has been an extra special one for me because I have been able to bless a family by going over to their house and helping in any way I can. Children are such a wonderful gift from God.
I needed to wrap a gift for a guy this week and I always have problems coming up with ways to make the gift look manly. This didn't turn out exactly as I imagined but I think it looks manly enough. I used the comic section from the paper and I wanted to use gray duct tape but couldn't find it and we had some blue duct tape in the garage so I used that. Friday we spent the day working in my parent's townhouse getting it ready for renters. Now we pray that they get good renters who will take care of the house like it's their own.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Anyone Looking To Rent?

Mike and I spent Friday at my parent's townhouse cleaning the carpet and doing touch up work on the walls. The place is up for rent right now so if anyone knows of a good renter looking for a lovely place to call home in Acworth GA please let me know. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, 1 car garage townhouse with an awesome kitchen (in my opinion that is the most important room in a house)There is even a community pool and play ground area to enjoy!

Please pray with me that soon someone will rent this house and take good care of it while living there.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wonderful Giveaway

Check out this great giveaway of The Art of Bread Making DVD over at Feminine Farmgirl!

I have been eyeing up the complete DVD set for a few weeks now. They look like some awesome DVDs with an abundance of information.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Playing Outside

We had wonderful weather while Mike's family was visiting. It gave us many different opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.
Uncle Michael bought some bubbles and Megan had lots of fun with them. We borrowed a tricycle from a family at our church and it was a perfect fit for Megan. Her legs had a good workout going up our driveway. Betsy was great with Roger and Megan. I am so happy she has such a good temperament.
We went over to the neighborhood next to us and used their playground.