Monday, August 31, 2009

Las Vegas ~ Day 2

The second day of our visit was spent all day working on donations and getting them organized for the families of the church.
Kathy and I went to the donation center and we were so amazed at how much stuff was in the warehouse.
There were tons and tons of pallets stacked with huge boxes filled with all sorts of things. The church we were helping got 5 double stacked pallets of goodies.This is some of the donation in the house. We sorted everything out and then labeled garbage bags for each family from the church. You just couldn't even imagine the stuff that is donated. Just a small list of the things I can think of - toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair accessories, boxes and boxes of Ziploc bags (all sizes), aluminum foil, plastic wrap, candles, Glade plug ins, diapers (all sizes), dryer sheets, band-aids and lots of medicine. It is amazing to see how God blesses them each month with all this stuff.After a long day of sorting, organizing and bagging we came home and Veronica made empanadas for us. They were delicious. We were all so tired that after eating we all went to bed.

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