Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I am back home after a fun trip out to Vegas to visit Kathy and Paul (sister & BIL) and a mini trip to San Diego to go to Sea World.
I will be posting lots of pictures of all the events from the past few weeks but you will have to be patient with me and wait a few more days.
Number one priority for me right now is to get the church recipe book completed, so please give me a little more time and I promise to share lots of wonderful pictures.


EstarellasFamily said...

Okay, I'll be patient....good luck with the book.

lhoyt said...

Looking forward to the pix. Rachel's comment about Sea World. She liked the whale, then she said she went on a ride and it was AWFUL...but you'd like it, Grandma! She was describing the Sea World adventure to Mom