Monday, August 10, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 31 & 32

I think I am finally ready to get back on track with this project. Things have just been so busy that I just had to drop blogging for a short time, but I am back and ready to start a new week. I am sharing some pictures for Project 365 but I will be posting lots of pictures this week so be sure to come back and check them out.

Week 31 for me was a great week. Rachel and I got to fly out and visit Kathy and Paul and their friend from Argentina Veronica. We had a great was a full week but it was so much fun! Thanks Kathy for everything!

Rachel talking to her Mom while we wait for our flight out to Vegas

Rachel was really excited... the number one reason was because we were going to Sea World!

Sea World in San Diego was awesome! I would love to go back.

After a fun filled week with Aunt Kathy, Uncle Paul and Miss Veronica we flew home first class (thanks to Kathy of course) Week 32 for me was spent getting back on schedule. I needed to get my sleeping pattern back on Eastern time zone and I really needed to focus on the church recipe book.

Friday Mike was off work so we tried a new little breakfast place that we have wanted to try for a long time but never got around to it until this past week. As we sat and ate our bacon, egg and cheese biscuits we watch all the "regulars" coming in getting their orders. It gives a small town, country feeling when the workers know everyone by name. We had a family over from our church. This is the sweetest family ever. The girls are so wonderful. We had a great time of eating, playing and talking. Be sure to check out Sara's blog and all the other Project 365 participants!

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