Sunday, August 16, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 33

Thanks to Mike's iPhone we were able to capture this great picture. Living in the country is so awesome!
I have been wanting to make this special tin for a sweet young lady but I had so many things going on that it took me months to finally get to it. I am happy to say I got it done in 2 days.
My Aunt Rita gave me a stack of family pictures that my Grandmother had either in an album or in a box. These pictures are just of the Lynn Hoyt clan.
I am happy to announce I am almost done getting all the pictures put in the scrapbook. Update on our chickens who are really growing and changing every day... these two special chickens had problems with their feet. For some reason the one chicken is back to normal but the other one still has her foot curled up.
The chicks that are outside are being bad and sitting on the top of the feeder. The chicks will be 6 weeks old on Tuesday. Can you see how much they have changed?
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sara said...

so what will happen to the chicken if the foot never gets better? It reminded me of a time we "grew" butterflies and one came out of the cocoon with it's leg having grown through the wing.

Have a great week!

EstarellasFamily said...

They are getting so big and have changed so much since we were there. I'm glad the one is doing better with her foot, I hope the other one gets better soon!

Lisa said...

You have time to be putting all those pictures in a scrapbook?? You definitely won't be sorry you took the time to take care of them.

SusanD said...

Great pictures. I've raised chicken too. They're wonderful bug eaters. An in answer to Sara's questions... I'm thinkin dumplins. lol Blessings, SusanD