Friday, August 28, 2009

Las Vegas - Day 1

We are sitting at the Atlanta airport waiting for our flight and Rachel is talking to her Mommy.Once we arrived in Las Vegas Aunt Kathy treated us to this delicious frozen yogurt. I can't remember the name but the fresh fruit and yogurt mix I will never forget.Thanks Aunt Kathy for the special treat!Paul and Kathy live near this really cool park. So after our treats we headed to the park. Rachel had fun sliding...playing on the see-saw with Miss Veronica...running in the water area to cool off a bit...and playing boccias.We played several rounds and the results always seemed to be the same...Uncle Paul and Miss Veronica were the best.After all that fun we headed out for dinner. Aunt Kathy had just been shopping at Marshalls and found this cute dress for Rachel. It worked out great because Rachel was wet from running in the water so she changed into this cute dress. Thanks Aunt Kathy for the dress.
And this is my favorite picture of the day. Rachel looks all grown up.

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