Sunday, February 5, 2012

P365 ~ Week 5

It amazes me that we are in February already.  Here's a summary of my Week 5.

Sunday ~ this month I helped out in the children's Sunday school class.  This is my last Sunday for a little while.
Monday ~ This is a one of a kind card I made to include in a pack of Thinking of You cards that I sold in my Etsy store.
 Tuesday ~ I spent the day with my dear friend Cammy.  We had such a fabulous time talking that I totally forgot to take a picture.

Wednesday ~ I spent the morning dusting a friends house.  Fuzz kept his distance but he watched me the entire time.
 Thursday ~ After cleaning our house I decided to iron Paul's shirts.  I don't normally iron because he has so many clothes in his closet that it doesn't make any sense to iron and then stuff them in the closet but he does like an ironed shirt so I took out all his shirts from the closet and started ironing.  I ironed and hung up a reasonable amount so the shirts aren't overcrowded.  All the extra shirts I stuffed in his other closet which will hold all the non ironed shirts.  I think this system will work much better than Kathy ironing every morning.
 Friday ~ Back to work for me.  Second day of work and I needed to focus on the back desk.
It feels so good to accomplish so much!
 Saturday ~ We had to go pick up the car from the dealership this morning so we decided to stop and get breakfast first.  There is this one plaza that we like to go to.  When we get there, we split up.  Paul goes to the french bakery and gets some delicious pastries.  Kathy goes to Einsteins and gets bagels.  And I go to Starbucks and get our coffees.  We all meet at Einsteins and enjoy our breakfast.  


sara said...

beautiful card!

I quit ironing a long time's worth it to me to send them to the cleaners!!!

divide and every time!

LuAnn said...

I HATE ironing. Don't know if there are many more of us left who do this household chore.

Have a great week.

skoots1mom said...

poor Kathy for ironing every morning...this Susan gave up ironing a long time ago (mean, i know, but during these ongoing hotflashes, the thought of doing that cannot be tolerated by this brain 'o mine ;)
what a great looking pastry, yum!

skoots1mom said...

do you sell a lot on etsy...i'm thinking of putting some of my knitting/crocheting on there. do you like it much trbl?

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

You did great on the desk clean up, wouldn't it be great if it could stay that way!

That pastry is huge, but it looks wonderful!



I still iron. Frank irons too...better than me actually. I loved the clean desk...can you find stuff? That was a massive pastry...and looked yummy.

The Bug said...

Mmm - that pastry is making me drool :)

Add me to the never iron people - although I have a couple of summer things that I'll iron every now & then. Poor Dr. M is on his own - ha!

I love getting things done at the office too - such a nice sense of accomplishment!

rita said...

Our cat watches me a lot, and wishes he could come in. So far he is confined to the lovely solarium because of a previous clean carpet experience he needed to 'mark' and we couldn't 'unmark'.
Oh, that my desk looked so tidy! I haven't gotten there yet, still figuring out where to put things.
Love your breakfast system.
The card is beautiful.

Lhoyt said...

Working on getting my desk tidied, but i don't have the organizational skills you do. Also, I have to buy a new shredder-- have a whole garbage can of things to shred, but our shredder gets stuck halfway through the first paper.
What do they call that pastry? We used to call them palm eras because of their palm frond shape.