Saturday, January 26, 2013

Where have I been?

Wow... have I really not posted since January 1st.  I guess that's because life has been super busy.

I had the opportunity to go to Florida and spend some time with Mike's family.  I am so glad to have an open door of communication with them and a chance to grow our relationship.  Here are some links to my Facebook pictures.  Enjoy, there are lots!

Yesterday I just got back from a cruise with Kathy and two ladies from our church.  I am so thankful for the time spent to get to know these ladies better.  We made lots of memories and had a wonderful cruise.  We were able to meet lots of different people but one who I want to specifically keep in prayer is our Elena.  She was our head waitress at dinner.  We shared a tract with her and I pray she takes the time to read it.  She is 8 weeks pregnant and

Here are some cruise pictures that I took.... our friend Anne is an awesome photographer and took tons of pictures which I will try to share with you once she posts them on Facebook.

We just came home from picking Mom and Dad up from the airport.  So now starts a week and a half of family time with them which really means getting things done from the To Do List.

I'll try to keep you all better updated.  Have a GREAT week everyone!

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rita said...

Great opportunities, Lizzy.
And so glad your parents can visit.
Tell them I said Hi!