Friday, February 8, 2013

The Man Card

A few months ago an older gentlemen at church came to me with a great "man"card idea he thought up one night.  The idea was to have one card that could be used for all occasions.  The card came together quickly once I sat down to work on it.  I remembered I had these brads that look like screws and then that made me think about duct tape.  I didn't think I could make this "man" card without putting some duct tape on it.  I hope he gets a good laugh out of this card.


Anonymous said...

A really clever card. And yes, a man can't be without duct tape. Mine couldn't live without W-D40 either. It is great stuff. Pris G.

The A Team said...

Very creative! I especially like the brads that you used!

Hope all is well.


~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

That cracks me up! Love it!
Hope you are doing well, friend!

rita said...

Like ;-)