Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Cruise

Last year Kathy's assistant went on maternity leave in July and decided she wanted to be out thru the end of the year.  When we found this out, Kathy realized she wasn't going to be able to take any time off work until the new year so we booked a cruise for us to take first thing 2014.
We went out of Long Beach, California and our two ports were Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta both of which I've been to before so I enjoyed some quiet time on the ship.  I did snap some pictures so I could share with y'all.  Hope you enjoy!



Kathy wore my favorite flexi clip during the cruise and I had to snap a picture of how stunning it looks in her dark hair.  Kathy's hair is just gorgeous!

The cruise ship we went on was actually the same cruise ship we took on our very first family cruise in 2005.  Walking around and looking at the ship's décor brought back lots of wonderful memories.  This was the first cruise I actually booked a cabin by myself.   
These "pods", by the 21 and older pool area, are fabulous to relax in.
I loved the grape vine design in the dining room.
Our head waiter was fabulous and was always pushing more food on us than what we ordered but this night Paul decided to order three different entrees to try

This picture is for Maureen - evidence that I did eat my Chocolate Melting Cake in remembrance of Mike :-)

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