Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Love God, Trust God, Live for God

Dear friends of mine from Georgia sent me the book Off Script ~ What to do when God rewrites your life by Cary Schmidt.  I haven't read much of it yet but great book so far.  Tomorrow I go see the Neurologist to get my results from my blood work, MRI and EEG and this book has already been a blessing to me.

I can't put it better than he said it so here it is:
There are a million unanswered questions.  There are a thousand circumstances we cannot control.  The road ahead is foggy and unclear.  We could respond with panic, fear, anxiety, murmuring, and despair; nut what good would that do-really?  We could freak out.  We could mope.  We could miss all of the delight and blessings of taking this journey with out loving Father.
And so, with all the unknowns that lie ahead for you, I invite you to make this decision.  Commit to it.  Determine your course of action.
"God, I will love you, trust you, and live for you, no matter what, for the rest of my life!"
Say it out loud.  Mean it.  Engrave it into your heart and your thoughts, never to be reconsidered:
"God, I am Yours, You are mine - we make this journey together, and I choose Your script.  I surrender mine.  You are God.  I know You are good.  You will be with me.  Let's do this…" 

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