Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mom's Surgery

To God be the Glory!

Kay came to visit Mom at the hospital before she went into surgery.  She prayed with her to have peace and that her worries and fears would be gone.

 Dianne was sweet to come before the surgery and stay with us the entire time until we received the update from the Doctor on how the surgery went.

It was a great surprise to have Shirley come to visit.  She brightened our day!

Friends and Fellowship was exactly what the doctor ordered to help the time go quickly as she waited to be taken into surgery.

 Pam was a huge blessing to us as she was able to give us a ride to the hospital.
And then while Mom was in surgery we were blessed with friends to keep us laughing and not be stressing about the surgery. 
We had a blast while we enjoyed our Starbucks drinks :-)

Mom in the recovery area after the surgery (4/20).  We were happy and thankful for the great news of Mom's successful surgery.

The day after surgery (4/21) and Mom had already been up and walking the halls.  She was feeling good, with minimal pain.

And Praise the Lord, we just got news that Mom was released today (4/22) and is actually on her way home right now.

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Linda said...

Great news about your mom!