Friday, November 12, 2010

Where I've Been

Things have been busy and with the holiday's quickly approaching things will only get busier but I wanted to take the time to give y'all an update.

I just completed my second week at work. I am the receptionist at the office that Kathy manages. I enjoy working to help make things easier for Kathy. I still have alot to learn but Lord willing little by little I will be able to take more off of Kathy's plate so that she isn't so stressed.

I wanted to post a few pictures I have taken over the past 2 weeks but haven't had the chance to share.

Kathy bought me a new camera and I love it! Just look at how amazing this picture is that I took.
I have been trying to get things unpacked and its a slow process since I am working at the office. I came across Mike's Coca-Cola hat so I thought it would be appropriate to add it to our Coca-Cola kitchen decor. And one last picture to share with y'all today is this calendar. Paul came running down the stairs with this old 2005 calendar. He had kept this calendar all these years because he liked the pictures but now he has it hanging in the living room because the dates fall just right for us to use for 2011. Just a little step to going green!

I hope to get into a schedule were I am able to post more often on my blog but for now please be patient with me as I adjust to working, unpacking and helping to do the house work.

Have a blessed weekend!


sara said...

so glad you are settling in well. I got your email letter but have not had time to respond...sorry. But I am praying for you!!

Lhoyt said...

You got such a good picture of Kathy. It is one of the best pix of her I have seen lately, because it "is her". And, of course, the quality of the camera did't hurt any, either.

rita said...

Love your photos (especially of Kathy!), and your spirit of willing service to others! Bless you!
Mike's hat fits in beautifully, and the calendar is great!