Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I got a call from my Mom this morning letting me know that Ron Guiles passed away Saturday.
Pastor Guiles help a special place in our hearts because he was the one that baptized Mike after he made a personal decision to give his life to God.  My heart is sad and yet I am rejoicing because Pastor Guiles is now in Heaven worshiping our Lord and Savior.

Philippians 1:21  For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.


Rosalyn said...

I can almost imagine Mike greeting him as he entered Heaven. They will enjoy many things together until we get there.

Sharon said...

Last night Alan was asked to attend the ESL class that Ron helped teach. Ron left a powerful testimony, and a couple men from our Hispanic congregation were able to share the gospel with unbelievers attending the classes.

Sharon said...

Sweet Lizzie:
Today we went to Ron Guiles memorial. Somehow, you were very
present there. Sue and Ron Smals talked of you fondly and asked me to send you their love.
After the service was over and all the guests had left, Irene asked me to stay a bit, she picked out a floral arrangement and asked that we take it to our Hispanic congregation, and then give it to our pastor's wife(Dori Wagner, who is battling cancer and has lost her sight). It was profoundly impacting to me to see the grace with which this woman lives with the loss of her husband and reminded me very much of you.
You and I don't cross paths very often, however I love you and respect you deeply.
Love, "Aunt" Sharon