Sunday, September 18, 2011

P365 ~ Week 38

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Sunday - We were enjoying some beautiful weather and wanted to take in a bike ride but Paul wanted Kathy to ride on the pegs of his bike.
Monday - I received this sweet card in the mail from a dear friend in GA.  It made me smile... the inside said "I hope you're my friend forever - because that's how long I'm going to need you"
Tuesday - Enjoyed a day of cool weather, cloudy skies and some rain.
Wednesday - working on making lots of cards.  I needed a Congratulations card so I made a dozen of them to add to the pile of cards to sell.  (sorry for the upside down picture)
Thursday - Since July 1st I've been trying to wake up early and walk at least a mile.  I don't always walk every day but I do try.

Friday - As I was walking in the morning the moon was just so beautiful... i tried to capture the beauty but this picture doesn't do it justice at all.
Saturday - We got a great deal on pears so we bought a bunch and made some pear sauce.  It turned out so yummy I wish we would have bought more.
I finally got this posted on time so now I am heading over to check out Sara's blog to link up.


sara said...

I'm thinking I would be wearing a helmet when riding on those pegs! ha!

so did you can the pear sauce? What did you put it on? I've never heard of it!!! recipe?

LuAnn said...

Pear sauce - something new to me. I make applesauce - is it kind of on the same lines?

rita said...

Beautiful desert views. I'm so glad we can picture your setting now.


I loved the desert view. The pear relish and perserves....ummmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Pears sound sooooo good right now! Might have to go and get some this weekend! So proud of you and your walking girlie!

Love you!