Saturday, September 24, 2011

TSMSS ~ Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I got a call from my Mom this morning letting me know that Ron Guiles passed away Saturday.
Pastor Guiles help a special place in our hearts because he was the one that baptized Mike after he made a personal decision to give his life to God.  My heart is sad and yet I am rejoicing because Pastor Guiles is now in Heaven worshiping our Lord and Savior.

Philippians 1:21  For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

P365 ~ Week 38

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Sunday - We were enjoying some beautiful weather and wanted to take in a bike ride but Paul wanted Kathy to ride on the pegs of his bike.
Monday - I received this sweet card in the mail from a dear friend in GA.  It made me smile... the inside said "I hope you're my friend forever - because that's how long I'm going to need you"
Tuesday - Enjoyed a day of cool weather, cloudy skies and some rain.
Wednesday - working on making lots of cards.  I needed a Congratulations card so I made a dozen of them to add to the pile of cards to sell.  (sorry for the upside down picture)
Thursday - Since July 1st I've been trying to wake up early and walk at least a mile.  I don't always walk every day but I do try.

Friday - As I was walking in the morning the moon was just so beautiful... i tried to capture the beauty but this picture doesn't do it justice at all.
Saturday - We got a great deal on pears so we bought a bunch and made some pear sauce.  It turned out so yummy I wish we would have bought more.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

TSMSS ~ Lord I Lift Your Name On High

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

P365 ~ Catch Up!

I know I have several weeks of catching up to do and for that I am truly sorry...Be warned this is going to be a long post but hopefully I can get all caught up and ready for Sunday's post of this weeks pictures.

These three young men were coming from California where they were camp counselors.  On their trip back to college in South Carolina the stopped at our church on Sunday.  It was a blessing to us as they sang and played the piano and guitar.  These were talented young men who love and serve the Lord.

We also had a missions team from a church in Pennsylvania.  This couple had an amazing testimony they shared with us.

The missions team blessed us with singing.

He shared is testimony also.  A touching, emotional one.  

I went with Lana to her dress fittings.  The dress was amazing... and of course she looked totally beautiful in the dress.

While grocery shopping Kathy found these Cape Gooseberries.  We didn't know what they were but Kathy loves trying new fruits and vegetables so we bought them.

This is what they look like on the inside.  Interesting little berries. Not really even sure how to explain what they taste like... they pop with sweet, tangy flavor.  Somewhat like a grape but with a different texture.  Like I said it's hard to describe.

Recently found out there is an Islands restaurant here in Las Vegas.  I remember an Islands restaurant in South Florida probably about 12 or more years ago... it was delicious so I had to try this one out as soon as I found it. I have to say, I actually think it might rank higher than Red Robin for me.  Now that's saying something! 

I've been working on making cards and getting them ready for a sale at the end of October.

Warning: this is a very deceiving picture :-) Kathy and I went to get pedicures before we went to Hawaii for the wedding.  Mom wont have anything to do with pedicures but we got her to sit in the massage chair with us.  That's the first step.  Maybe next time she will break down and get a pedicure.  We shall see!

One of Kathy's customers told her about an Argentine bakery/restaurant downtown.  As soon as she heard about it she made plans to go.  Let's just say I am glad they are so far away from us and only open during the week.  If it were open on the weekends we would be there every Saturday.
I made these cards for Lana.  She wanted to make welcome cards for everyone and have the itinerary for the weekend.

Mom and I made it to Hawaii and Kathy and Paul surprised us with a limo to pick us up.
This was the condo that Kathy and Paul stayed at and all I can say is I really loved it!  I loved everything about it.  It was such an awesome condo!

Kathy made reservations for Top of Waikiki restaurant.  It is a revolving restaurant so you can see all around Waikiki while you eat.

We spent a few hours one day relaxing and reading our books by the pool.  It was a beautiful day... overcast and cool.

Mom and I enjoyed coffee at a local coffee shop.  It was delicious Hawaiian coffee!

Our hotel was one block away from McDonalds.  We passed it every day when we walked to Kathy and Paul's condo.  I had to take a picture of their local special.  Interesting...spam and rice for breakfast.

We visited Pearl Harbor.  What an amazing place. 

I have to say our trip to Hawaii was wonderful but many times I thought how much Mike would have loved it there.  He would have appreciated the Pearl Harbor memorial.  He would have loved living there... driving a limo around.
Well, I think I got you all caught up now.  Hope to get back to posting each week we will see how I do.
Good Night All!

Also - stay tunned for some pictures of the fabulous wedding in Hawaii!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I totally forgot about this picture.  In 2006 Mike suprised me with a weekend trip to Rock City and Ruby Falls.  We were eating lunch and Mike loved making me laugh.  He always said his job was to make me laugh each day, and he did a great job!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

Let's remember to keep our country and it's leaders in our prayers.

God Bless America!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

TSMSS ~ He Will Make a Way

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

TSMSS ~ Fill Up My Cup

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