Sunday, March 18, 2012

P365 ~ Week 11

 Got back from my cruise and hit the road running and haven't stopped.  I am always amazed how busy we can get but in the business I pray I stay focused on God and His plan for my life.

Sunday ~ We went to church and then I tried to get some things unpacked from my cruise and some things packed for my pet sitting job for the week.

Monday ~ After work Kathy dropped me off at my cat sitting job.  I'm allergic to cats and these cats are very social cats so I wasn't sure how it was going to go with me living there, watching them and playing with them.   This is Fuzz and at first he wasn't to sure about me but he warmed up quickly.
Tuesday ~ We started a new book in our church's Ladies Bible study.  It's called How Can I Love Those Prickly People? by Juanita Purcell.  Let me just say, the first chapter was convicting.  I wasn't able to attend the discussion for that chapter because I was on the cruise but just reading through it and answering the questions was convicting enough for me.  Next week I will work on Chapter two for our Thursday night Bible study and just reading the title "Don't Judge One Another" I know that it will be another convicting chapter for me.  Pray that God may show me what I need to change in my life and in my attitude towards others.... that I may be loving and Christ like.
 Wednesday ~ This is Bahama and he is VERY social... from the moment I walk into the house he is by my side.  He is the sweetest, softest cat ever!
 Thursday ~ I spent all day cleaning... cleaned the house I was cat sitting at and then I walked home and cleaned our house.  It's such a GREAT feeling when a house is clean.

Friday ~ I wore this beautiful bracelet my sister-in-law Annie made for me.  Maureen gave it to me on the cruise and I was so surprised because first of all I wasn't expecting it but also because I had no idea Annie made bracelets.  She is so talented!
Saturday ~ We found ourselves back in Ontario California for the weekend.  Paul found out that a childhood friend from Chile was going to be in Los Angeles and since he hadn't seen him in 20+ years he really wanted to make an effort in meeting up with him.  Kathy and I are always up for an adventure.  Kathy has the pictures of all of them hanging out.  I'll get her post some or I'll get them from her and post it on here.  The only picture I had was of this delicious chocolate cake that we enjoyed at our favorite hotel - Hyatt Place.
Thanks Sara for continuing to host Project 365.  It's always fun to look at everyone's blog and see what they have been up to.


semperfi said...

love the kittys & that chocolate dessert looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing

Lhoyt said...

Those are truly beautiful cats. Not sure I could take it, because cat dander is worse than dog's for allergy sufferers.
I wish I could have met Paul's friend from Chile. I hate to admit how much I miss the folks from S.A. In that aspect, I believe Paul and I are kindred spirits. Facebook has been a blessing in getting me back in touch, but it's not the same as face-to-face.

rita said...

So did your allergies act up?
You are a busy bee!
Have a fun week!