Wednesday, March 14, 2012

P365 ~ Weeks 8, 9 & 10

Week 8

Sunday ~ There is a restaurant out here that has a HUGE chocolate cake.  Every time we eat there I say "One day we should try that cake"  I didn't feel like eating dessert at the restaurant but I decided I would order a slice to go.  This is probably not the best picture of it but it gives you an idea of just how big it was.... and yes, it was delicious!
Monday - I learned something new at work today.  I go into the NV DMV website and update insurance information for our customers.
Tuesday - I tried to make a cowboy themed card.  This was the best I could do with the supplies I had. 
Wednesday - Some thank you cards I made for friends who were having us over for dinner.
 Thursday - I got some walking in... I haven't been keeping track of my walking like I use to but I do try to walk as often as I can.
 Friday - We played some Balderdash over at our Pastor's house.   It was fun but I am always mentally drained when I'm done playing that game.
Saturday - We went to dinner with some friends and then headed over to their house.  Bahama is a very social and friendly cat.  He loved walking all over Paul.

Week 9 - I had a busy week getting ready to go on my cruise and also had a cat sitting job for a few days.

Paul had been talking about flan for a few weeks now so I decided to make some for him.  I actually never made flan before.  It didn't turn out to good when you looked at it but I think it tasted good.
Trying to get ahead and have birthday cards on hand for some ladies at church.
We had just finished eating dinner and Paul got up and made himself a cup of coffee and a cup of tea.  He sat down at the table, while Kathy and I talked he took a sip from one cup and then the other.

Week 10 - Went on a 7 day Eastern Caribbean cruise....more pictures will come at a later post.
It was a cruise with Mike's family... well to be specific.... it was a cruise with Maureen (Mike's sister) and her family
Here we are... the whole group.
It was a fabulous cruise and look forward to many more family cruises.

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rita said...

Lovely cards.
Like Paul's Argentine mug :), but how did the 'toffee' taste?
Great cruise opportunity.