Sunday, October 7, 2012

P365 ~ Week 39

I'm a week behind on Project 365 and I was going to put both weeks together but I have lots of pictures so I am going to keep the weeks separate.

Had an interesting start of the week.  We had a couple from church over for lunch and we planned on grilling steak but our gas grill would not heat up.  So we jumped in the car and headed to our local Argentine restaurant instead ~ Rincon de Buenos Aires.  Enjoyed some delicious food and great fellowship.
We got some delicious kiwis at the store.  I really enjoyed them!  Here's a question for you - do you eat the skin?
We met some friends at our favorite pizza place  ~ Grimaldi's.  After enjoying some fabulous pizza we devoured a slice of chocolate cheesecake. Yummy!
Kathy's creation after enjoying some relaxing time in the craft room.
Kathy and I were meeting some friends after work to go to Bodies - The Exhibition and we had just enough time to go to the Bellagio and look at the gardens.  Something new that we had never seen before was a harpist as part of the decorations.  The live music was lovely!

I made some cards with Spanish sentiments for Paul's parents to use in Argentina.  It was fun and I may  make a few to have on hand and also to post on my etsy store.

Now to work on my pictures from Week 40.



Love the cards, love the scenes, love the food. you have had a wonderful week 39.

rita said...

Love the cards, especially in Spanish!
I usually scoop the kiwi out with a spoon.