Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Second Opinion

I know many of you have been wondering what's been going on with me.  After
my first post in April  I didn't really share much more because I wanted more of a firm answer. 

I was also experiencing side effects from the medication and I couldn't think clearly and so I basically stopped reading my Bible.  Yes, I know, that was not the wisest of choices.

Many have been praying for me regarding a new neurologist, if for no other reason than to get a second opinion. 

God answered that prayer by blessing me with a neurologist literally across the street from my work so I can walk to him and Kathy doesn't always have to take time off work and drive me (my previous neurologist was 45 minutes away).

The new neurologist did confirm:
  • the arachnoid cyst in my brain does not need to be removed
  • we will never know why I have lived 35 years of my life without a seizure and then all of a sudden I have a gran mal seizure
  • the medication I am currently on is the best medication for this type of seizure, however he was more than willing to change my medication (which my previous neurologist was adamantly against almost to the point that I feel he is getting paid to push certain pills)
  • that it is very normal for hormones to trigger seizures but that my seizures can be controlled thru medication 
I am still experiencing mini seizures but the neurologist said I was on a very low dose of medication so the next step for me is to have my blood drawn in a week and go back to him in two weeks so he can adjust my medication.

I just want to again say thank you to all who have been praying. 

To God be the Glory!


Linda said...

Great news, Lizzie!

rita said...

Thank you for sharing these answers. We wait to hear more.
Hey, is it something about the year you and Sam were born? the year of slow-growing brain cysts???