Monday, August 25, 2014

Widows Group ~ Card Class

A few months ago I decided that I wanted to find other ladies in my season of life ~ life as a widow. 
I found a widow's ministry group at a nearby church and took a huge step out of my comfort zone and joined.  They meet once a month for a Bible study and once a month for a fun activity.  They are always very sweet, loving and accepting of anyone that wants to join, whether part of that church or not. 
The Bible study time goes by too quickly and I haven't been able to really get to know many of the ladies.  As I continue to get to know them, I look forward to hearing their experience of how God brought them thru the loss of their husband and learning what God is doing in their lives now.

The fun activity this month was a card class where I was able to show them how to make cards. 

I love making cards and sharing my hobby with others.



Linda said...

What a great way to make new friends! I'm so happy you found this group of ladies!

I'm sure they'll all enjoy making cards! BTW: How much do I owe you for the Christmas cards and b'dy cards?

rita said...

So glad for you, both the support group Bible study and the opportunity to share your hobby!
At our church, a card making evening for women was a great success. I took my neighbor and Leah. Both jumped at the opportunity. We moved around to make a different card at each table and thus interacted with a greater number of women.