Saturday, July 18, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 28 and 29

Busy, busy, busy... that is my excuse for completely forgetting to post my pictures for week 28. So here are 2 weeks worth of pictures so I can get back on track.

Two weeks ago we had some stone work done around our property to help with water drainage when it rains. It was amazing to see the guys work. They got all the stones done in one day. I thought the result looked great.

We got some baby chicks in the mail (which is probably why I am so far behind on my blogging) They are so cute!We had a family from church over, so of course we had to teach them how to play chicken foot :-) Rachel (my niece) was able to come and see the chicks too. After playing with the chicks for a little bit we headed to Red Robin to use my free burger coupon from my birthday. Rachel loves playing with her food but hey at least she also likes eating it.
Mike decided he needed to let Betsy smell the chick. He was very brave because Betsy wasn't even attached to anything, but she did great. She smelled the chick and then just wanted to lick it.
I had a card class during the week to teach and encourage girls from church to be creative and make cards to send to friends and relatives. The class turned out great. The girls are so well behaved...sharing and helping each other. It was a great day and I hope to plan another class soon!
To end my post for this week, here is a picture of a cute little box I received in the mail. It was a sample roll of Scott toilet paper from Walmart. Everyone can use toilet paper... right?!
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sara said...

Those chicks are cute!

We also love playing chicken foot. but I thought it was funny you had that picture after the one of the chicks! ha!

I am so surprised your dog didn't just gobble that chick up!!!

great week!

rita said...

The stone steps and rock drainage look great!
Sounds like you are into getting free stuff too. Leah knows how to do that well.

Darla said...

cute chickens! and beautiful rock steps! but i am wondering why i didn't get some tp in the mail too from walmart? that's tooo funny. if i get some, i will def. be taking a photo! great week.

Elizabeth said...

Darla... every once in a while I will see that Walmart is offering a free sample... but you have to sign up for it to receive it.

Kim said...

I think dogs have to acquire a taste for chicken; good thing Betsy doesn't have it :-)
The stone work is lovely!
Scott is the brand of t.p. I use here :-) Miss my Charmin though!