Sunday, July 26, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 30

This was a very special week filled with lots of special visitors. Mike's Mom, sister, niece and nephew came for a visit. Roger is 8 years old and Megan is three and they were both so excited to come see our chickens. They were a huge help with chicken chores and even setting up a new outside home for our baby chicks.

We all went to the GA aquarium and had a wonderful time. So many things to see, so little time. We were even able to take the Marta to and from the aquarium. Such a fun ride :-)
Maureen (Mike's sister) and I took Roger and Megan to the neighborhood next to us and let the kids play on the playground. They were able to use up alittle energy before we headed back for Megan to go potty. We made a special trip for Megan to the Cabbage Patch Hospital in Cleveland GA. It's a cute little place that even has Cabbage Patch dolls being born every few hours. Megan was picked out of the audience as one of the little girls to help name the new born Cabbage Patch doll. So the baby's middle name ended up being Megan.
Here is the new home for the baby chicks. They are growing like crazy and I think they are very happy outside. Every day Maureen and Mike would be on the their laptops updating Facebook with pictures of what we were all up to for the day.
Sunday morning Mike's family headed back home and we picked up Rachel to spend the next few days with us. She and I will be flying to Las Vegas on Tuesday to visit Kathy. This afternoon Rachel collected eggs and played ball with Betsy.
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sara said...

looks like a fun week with family!!!

And your chicks look very happy!!!

EstarellasFamily said...

We all had such a great time. Thanks again for having us. My project for the day is to get my pictures up on my blog and make those videos. We look forward to your visit in December! Have a safe and fun trip!

rita said...

Fun week for all, even Betsy and the chicks!
Rachel is so cute. You will have so much fun with her and all at Kathy's.

Kim said...

Being able to get together with family just seems easier in the summer, doesn't it? Glad you're having fun family times!