Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Las Vegas ~ Day 3

After a hard day of working we spent day 3 getting pampered and shopping.
This picture of Rachel makes me laugh because of the way she posed for this picture. Kathy treated us to breakfast at this delicious French bakery. Such a special treat it was!
Kathy then treated us all to pedicures. This was Rachel's first ever. I am not sure how much she liked it but she did great.
Rachel also got her very first professional manicure.
Rachel was telling everyone we saw that day that she had gotten "manicured" and "pedicured". It was so cute!
A successful day of pampering!
After our nails were done we went shopping!
While Aunt Kathy and I were trying on shoes Rachel decided to pick some and try them on also. It was so funny because she was picking out the ugliest shoes but at least she was having fun!After shopping we had enough time to go home, freshen up and head back out to dinner for Book Club night. The girls in Kathy's book club are crazy. I was laughing all night long.

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Kim said...

Love manicures but can't stand to have anybody touch my feet! Super ticklish. So no pedicures for this girl. But sounds like it was a fun time -- special times with sisters and nieces, what could be better?

Wouldn't it be fun to do a girls weekend for all the women in the family one of these years?!