Sunday, September 6, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 36

This was a very special week for me. Mike had the entire week off work. We planned on going to SC to visit family but we just couldn't find anyone to watch our dog, chicks and chickens. So, we had a staycation instead of a vacation.
Mike found this really cool rooster in Gainesville, GA. I remember when Ocala had horses all around town painted in lots of different ways. I learned this week that Gainesville is the poultry capital of the world.
This week we had 3 different meals to deliver to families from church. It made it so much easier to do with Mike being off work. Here is a picture after we made our first food drop off. The drive way to this house was a really steep one and the garbage can was out next to the mailbox. Mike was backing up being very careful not to hit the mailbox and garbage can but the other side of the drive way had somewhat of a ditch. Needless to say we didn't expect to be delivering food and end up stuck in the driveway. God took care of us and everything worked out. With all of this "free" time we had, we got lots of stuff done around the house. Here is Mike cleaning out the dryer vent outside.
I noticed these really bright mushrooms in our yard. I was told that they are called Jack-O-Lantern mushrooms. They get their name because the gills glow in the dark. Mike got one for me and I took it into the bathroom and closed the door to make it nice and dark but I didn't see any glowing. Maybe next time!
Made some delicious pizza Friday night. I put pesto sauce, mushrooms, black olives, onions, turkey pepperoni, ham and goat cheese. Mike and I both loved how it turned out.
Saturday was spent driving around all over the place. Mike surprised me took me to Burt's Pumpkin Farm. Last year we went to Burt's but it was at the end of the season. We were so surprised when we drove up and saw all these HUGE pumpkins.
Today we decided to get away and enjoy God's beautiful handywork. We were told about this really nice area to check out. Mike decided it was time for Betsy to experience playing in the water. She was so funny to watch as she jumped, swam, climbed, ran, slid and fetched. We all had a fabulous time and will plan to do it again soon.
I can't believe it is week 36 already. This year has gone by so fast. I am glad I took part in Project 365 so I can go back and see what I did with my time. Be sure to check out Sara's blog to see how everyone else is spending their time.


sara said...

great week!!

I actually love staycations!! So glad you got one.

those pumpkins are HUGE!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your new layout! I'm so glad you guys hit our favorite spot to camp. It's just beautiful up there!

EstarellasFamily said...

Great Pictures....sometimes staycations are better, you can check out some local things you never have done before and enjoy your area. I'm sure Betsy enjoyed her part---she looks very happy in the pictures.

Kim said...

Sounds like a fun "staycation" :-) Sometimes those are the most relaxing. You get things done, but the pace is slower. And you don't come home exhausted from going, going, going all the time.