Sunday, September 27, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 39

What a week! We had lots of rain and Praise the Lord the lakes here in GA are full. It has been a long time since they have been this full. This week looks like it's going to be a nice sunny week, so my plan is to get lots of outside chores done.

In case I don't have enough projects going on, I decided to start knitting again. I am working on a scarf for Mike.
Headed over to the Jeffries this week and we all had an early day and a very full day so that afternoon Bailey decided she would lay down and take a little "dog" nap.
I started a new book this week. I heard several people talking about this series so now it's my turn to read it. Since I read so slowly I plan on finishing this book but I'm not sure how many more from this series I will end up reading.
With all the storms and rain we have had the last two weeks, we lost power at our house for about an hour. It was great because I got to use my hurricane lamp for the very first time. We sat and listened to the rain and just enjoyed the peacefulness of it all.
Saturday we had the privilege of attending a very beautiful wedding. This is our Pastor's daughter Megan and her new husband Caleb.
I got some coupons for canning jars and since I very seldom see coupons for such items I decided to take advantage of them and start buying some of the supplies I will need to do some canning. I have never canned by myself before but I do remember canning red beets with my Grandparents when I would spend my summers visiting them in PA.
A few more days of September and then we are into the last quarter of the year. Just amazing!
Be sure to head on over to Sara's blog to see what everyone else has been up to this week.


Lisa said...

Wow...knitting, reading, canning. You are busy, even without these things! So good to have hobbies though.

Big wedding party. I always like seeing red in weddings...I think it looks so striking.

Glad you have been well!

sara said...

I tried knitting once with my grandmother but I was not detailed enough...I didn't like to redo it when I dropped a stitch!

however, I LOVE to can!! I have never seen coupons for jars, that is great. need any tips, give me a call!

i used to love taking naps laying on my dog...nothing better!

Kim said...

I've been trying to FIND canning jars but so far, no success. Hope to find some before peach season in Jan.

Tina had several of the Elsie Dinsmore books and enjoyed them. Have to admit I never read any.

That looks like fun yard -- what they call "eyelet"? I made one scarf a few years ago; took me MONTHS and winter was pretty much over by the time I finished. LOL I think I'll stick to quilting!

Have a great week!

rita said...

Oh! I absolutely loved Elsie Dinsmore! When I was a teenager i got in trouble for doing nothing but reading ED. They were the original version. I'm not sure how thhis new one compares. i must have read the whole series.
My daughter read some too, years ago.
I knit Mike a sweater when we were courting and engaged and then gave it to him at the time of our wedding. We were married in winter, ya' know.
Our cat loves to lay down next to me if I'm taking a nap or sitting on the couch.
Have a great week!