Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Gardens at Bellagio

A nice place to visit when we come out to Las Vegas is the Bellagio gardens and their water show. It always amazes me the arrangements and designs they come up with for the garden area.I thought they would have Christmas decorations out already but much to my surprise it was a beautiful fall theme. They had lots of pumpkins; all different shapes, sizes and colors. They had some HUGE pumpkins with signs showing how much they weigh. This was the largest pumpkin they had there.
They had these cute little peppers... they had such vibrant colors! And to guard all the flowers, pumpkins and peppers was this scarecrow.
This was an amazing replicate of the Bellagio and the surrounding shops, restaurants and even their water show. All I can think of is how long it must have taken to make this miniature building.On our way out to the water show I noticed this amazing flower arrangement. It was a cool night and somewhat windy.
After about 15 minutes on standing outside they announced that they were canceling the water show because of the wind.
So we took a few more pictures outside... and then headed home.

I thank God for the time I am able to spend with family!


rita said...

Beautiful photos and good times.
Good to see fall and Thanksgiving not being overrun prematurely by Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Especially the one of you with your mom!


Anonymous said...

Harold and I were really impressed, also when Paul and Kathy took us to see the gardens at the Bellagio. We are so glad you and your mom could visit our son and daughter there in LV. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family.