Sunday, November 15, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 46

After our full day of cooking (you can read about that here) it was time to clean up. The dogs tried to help by licking the dishes we were putting in the dishwasher. Since Kathy and Paul don't get to play hand and foot very often, we played almost every day.
Che and Piba enjoyed Mom's company.
Piba is helping Kathy play... she needed all the help she could get :-)
Does anyone know what this is? I will be posting all about it tomorrow but I thought I would through this in to see if anyone was familiar with it.We went to the coolest McDonalds ever! They had this huge fish tank and seats all the way around. We got some food and sat in front of the tank and just watched all the fish swim around.
Such beautiful, colorful fish!
Traffic was horrible as we drove the strip to the Bellagio. The only good part of the packed street was the time I had to take pictures from inside the car.
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phoyt said...

Rachel loves to go to that McDonalds.

Kim said...

What a fun week!

We enjoy playing Hand & Foot too. Have gotten into the habit of playing on Thursday nights. After art class I make an early dinner (by Argentine standards anyway) and we sit down about 8 p.m. to eat and then play cards while watching something on the computer. Ivan's been on a winning streak and I have to figure out how to stop it! lol

After reading all the things you made the other day, I was inspired to go into the kitchen and make.... No Bakes! hahahaha But seriously, it was WAY TOO HOT to turn on the oven. So No Bakes it was :-)

Have a great week!

sara said...

I love card games and that looks fun..but I have never heard of it. How do you play?

that picture looks like a cactus fruit.

Sharon said...

the fruit looks like a "tuna", they use it a lot in Mexico.

Elizabeth said...

Sara - There are lots of different ways to play hand and foot but I will try and find the directions for our way and I will email them to you.

rita said...

Fun times!
I must have missed an announcement along the way, or one of Kathy's posts, 'cause i didn't know about the cute dogs. I remember reading something about one that had to be returned 'cause no time. And now, Che and Piba. I love the names!!!
We were relatively close to Las V out there in ID, maybe next year.

Elizabeth said...

Aunt Rita - Kathy and Paul have some friends living with them (friends are currently in Argentina)... Che and Piba are their dogs... Piba is pregnant and will probably have pups in the next week or so.

EstarellasFamily said...

They have an M&M world also in Orlando somewhere (never been though). Did you go inside? That is a cool McDonalds' my kids would love that one too.

Elizabeth said...

Maureen - no we didn't go in...we were heading to Bellagio to see the gardens... I will post pictures tomorrow of that fun trip... the Bellagio has an awesome garden... they always do such a beautiful job!