Sunday, November 1, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 44

I can't believe today is November 1st. From now until the end of the year things are going to get hectic for me. I have 3 trips planned, 1 surgery and lots of projects to complete.
I am very happy to be able to mark this huge project off my list. Monday I spend the day putting the church recipe books together. This project has taught me so much. It was a much bigger project than I ever imagined and even though as soon as the recipes went to the printers I said I would never do it again, I am now realizing that it is possible to do another huge project like this in the future but Lord willing put to action the many lessons learned. Thank you Lord for helping me through this project and making a recipe book that many will be blessed by! Another project I needed to work on is a Recipe tin for my SIL. Roz ordered this last month and since I will be seeing her for Thanksgiving I thought it would be good to focus on completing it. The outside of the tin is done but now I need to make some dividers. Roz I hope you like this tin!
A good friend of mine from South Florida collects owls. I saw this owl stamp at Michael's craft store and I had to buy it. Of course after I bought it the stamp sat on my craft table for a few months but November 10 is Fran's birthday so I finally used it to make some cards. I ended up making about 20 cards because I can always use Birthday cards but this card was specially made for Fran. Happy Birthday Fran... you will be getting this in the mail next week!
I am trying to build an inventory on my Etsy store. I am just starting and still not sure what I am doing but I have some supplies in my craft room that I have been needing to use so from those supplies I made this tin. I think it turned out cute and it can be used for so many things. I haven't actually posted it on my Etsy store yet but hope to tomorrow. I think a perfect way to use this tin is for someone who loves going to Disney World, takes lots of pictures but doesn't have the time to put pictures in a photo album. With a photo safe pen you could write on the back of the picture to you don't forget important things like dates, names, funny stories and so on.
Let's just say it was a very crafty week for me. This is another tin I had been wanting to make to post on Etsy and just never got around to it until this week. This tin could be used to put toys in and store in the car to play while on the road or it could just be a tin to hold little boy treasures. I know several kids that have loved Thomas so I hope this tin will sell as soon as I post it on my Etsy store.
We had a few days of rain this week which I am thankful for since it waters my raspberry and blueberry plants. One night when I took Betsy outside I saw this spider web. I think it looked much cooler in real life with the rain drops on the web. The spider to me looked more like a little frog. The web was up high so I couldn't take a real close look at the spider but I hope it isn't poisonous since I didn't kill it.
Mike is working outside getting some lumber cut up for our expanded chicken house area. We are expanding because our little chicks aren't so little anymore and they will soon be introduced to the rest of our chickens. This means that they need a bigger hen house so that is what we will be doing this week. I am outside trying to enjoy the beautiful weather and help Mike out when I can. I decided to also bring the laptop outside and work on posting my blog entry but the reflection on the monitor made things really hard to read. It was really neat how I could see the trees and all but it didn't allow for me to get much accomplished.
Well it is time for me to go check eggs and then get ready to head back to church. Hope everyone has a wonderful week! I know mine will be busy with a doctor's appointment, card class, and packing for my trip to Las Vegas. I am so excited my Mom and I are flying out on Saturday to go visit my sister! Woohoo!!!

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rita said...

Great crafts!
I'd be curious to know what and how much you sell so I need to check out your store.
Realized yesterday that we are only a few hours away from Vegas. Maybe next time. Hope you both have a marvelous visit with Kathy.
And everything goes well with your doctor visit, too.

phoyt said...

Lizzie I like the tin. I can't wait to get to use it. Thanks so much. Roz

Dena said...

You are very creative and so crafty! I love the tins, and I'm sure your friend will LOVE the owl cards you made. They are adorable.

sara said...

I love the tins!!!

I used to make my own cards and then life got busy and the stuff got put away....i need to pull all that out again!

Sounds like you will be very busy for a while!!