Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Weekend

I feel like it has been forever since I really shared what is going on in my life right now. Here is a little glimpse of this weekend and then maybe later this week I will post random pictures of things I have been wanting to share but just never got around to sharing them.

Mom and Dad arrived Thursday night. Mom spent most of her weekend under 3 blankets and sleeping. That is so unusual for her so you know how sick she was. Since Dad was at the house I put him and Paul to work. They got all the items on my to do list done and I am so thankful for that. It was a huge blessing to me because it helps me get better organized and settled in at the house. Mike's antler fan was hung up in my bedroom and I love it! The pot rack was hung which allowed me to unpack all the pots. The magnetic knife block got put up and my good knives unpacked. I can't say it felt like Christmas because honestly it just didn't. But on a positive note, it was a great weekend of getting things accomplished.
We went to church Sunday morning and had a wonderful time. Mom was able to bless us with her piano playing which was a huge blessing to our normal piano player who was able to stay home and take care of her sick husband. After church we got something quick to eat and off to the airport we went to drop Mom and Dad off for their flight.
After that we went to Mandalay Bay to walk around. We took lots of pictures while we walked around. It was fun doing some window shopping.
The reason we went to Mandalay Bay is because Kathy and Paul bought me Lion King tickets for Christmas. They were excellent seats...front and center. The show was spectacular. Whoever thought up all those costumes is very creative. The performers were so talented. My favorite actor was the young Simba... that little boy was adorable but really everyone did a fabulous job! Now it is time to get myself organized to start a new year. I am striving to become more organized like Mike was. He had a special gift for organization. It came so naturally to him. I hope to one day achieve half of his organizational skills.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Thanks to Kathy for flying Mom and Dad out. Thanks to Dad and Paul for working so hard to get my to do list done! And thanks to Mom for playing the piano on Sunday on such short notice and especially since you weren't feeling well.


sara said...

I am so sorry your mom got sick when she got there!!! But so glad you were surrounded by your family this Christmas!

I saw the Lion King several years ago and it is awesome. so amazing how they can move just like the animals!

Happy New Year!

Kim said...

We spent most of Christmas in airports :) But it was good, nevertheless, to get HOME at the end of the day! Our friends picked us up and she had made delicious empanadas for supper. Not a "typical" Christmas but a special one :)

Glad you got to spend Christmas with your parents, Paul and Kathy.