Saturday, December 4, 2010

DPP ~ Day 4

What a day!
Let's just say I was having an off day! Kathy volunteered us to bring dessert for our church Christmas banquet. We were suppose to make enough dessert for 60+ people. I got in the kitchen this morning and it seemed like everything I touched got messed up. The plan was to make 2 lemon bundt cakes, 2 double layer chocolate cakes and 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies. The lemon cake cooked beautiful but when it was time to take it out of the oven and flip it onto the cooling rack some of the cake got stuck in the bundt pan. I pulled out the 2 round chocolate cakes out of the oven. One came out great, the other one crumbles to pieces (see picture above).
The second round of cakes weren't any better. This time half the lemon bundt cake stayed in the pan. The chocolate cakes came out of the oven and they looked amazing! They came right out of the pan nice and clean but then they got stuck on the cooling rack. I was able to get the one flipped around and everything was ok but when I tried to flip the second one it split in half and one half crumbled all to pieces. I was worried to even try to make the cookies after the morning I was having but how can you mess up chocolate chip cookies. I had a few issues with spilling things and getting water all over the place when I was washing dishes but atleast the cookies turned out good.
Although the morning turned out to be such a mess the evening was fabulous. The church banquet was alot of fun. The food was delicious and the fellowship wonderful. I am really enjoying this church that God has lead us to. Below is a picture of the beautiful table setting at the banquet. Kathy and I made the "name tags" on Friday night. I think they turned out great.

By the way - we ended up buying cakes to take for dessert along with our cookies for the children.


rita said...

So sorry you had such a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day. Can't remember if that was exactly the way the title of the children's book went. Love that book.
Glad everything turned out OK in the end.

Lhoyt said...

I'd eat the crumbs off your table gladly rather than some of the "beautiful food" you see in some of the magazines. Substance is what matters, not image.