Monday, February 7, 2011

P365 ~ Week 6

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January has come and gone and February is going by just as fast. Life is busy right now but it's a good busy... I can't complain.

Kathy and I went to the Christian book store... I can't even remember why we went but they had a huge sale going on and I couldn't resist.... I bought all these DVDs. Monday
We went out to dinner with 2 ladies from the church. We decided to meet at 3 Tomatoes & a Mozzarella because then after dinner we were heading to Sam's club to do some shopping. It was fun, delicious and we actually got alot accomplished! Thanks Pam for getting us into Sam's Club.
I started playing Words with Friends with my Grandmother. We finished this game and I started a new one but when I invited her she declined the game. Very quickly she called Kathy and told her she wants to play the game with me she just hit the wrong was too cute!
We headed over to Pam's house to keep her company while her husband was out of town. We enjoyed a delicious meal of tacos and spent several hours talking and getting to know each other. This is a picture of one of her cats... his name is Bahama. He is really friendly and social.
I got a free donut at Dunkin Donuts... isn't it cute? I thought it was very clever of them to make heart shaped donuts. I wonder if next month they will make shamrock shaped donuts?
I spent lots of time looking over my IRAs and talking with Philip about my account. I have to say I am very thankful for a brother who understands financial stuff. He has been a HUGE blessing to me since Mike passed away. He is doing my taxes and helping me get all set up with my IRAs. Thanks Philip for all your hard work!
Another really busy day for us. We got so much accomplished. I think we did about 10 loads of laundry. We had linoleum installed, 2 carpet guys come out to measure so we could get some quotes, card supplies ready for a card class we are having next Saturday and we even sold one of our Craigslist items. I love productive days! I know I am alittle late in posting this week but I am still going to see how everyone else's week went.


Rebecca Jo said...

Love that new floor!!!

MMM... I'm now craving a donut & pasta... can you tell that carbs draw me in?

Good for your grandma playing Words with Friends... its so good for the brain!

The Bug said...

I'm with Rebecca - the donut & the pasta look great!

I'm glad you're getting your finances in order - that will take a weight off your shoulders I'm sure.

Lhoyt said...

I know I don't say it often enough, but I am proud of my children for all the have accomplished and are accomplishing and how generous they are with their talents. What one could never get done alone, they can do ten times over because they help each other.
If I had known about the heart shaped donuts, I would have taken Mom to Dunkin Donuts this morning!
You got me started, and now I play Words With Friends with Grandma, too!

Mimi said...

I love that you play these games with your grandma!

Have a great week,

rita said...

Ha! That will keep Grandma busy! I love it! She is so eager to keep the games going, almost first thing she looks at when she gets in.
I don't think I have the right technology to play remotely.

I have seen Gifted Hands and even heard him in person when he was inducted into the Hall of World Changers at IWU some years back. A very impressive story.

Have a great rest of the week, Lizzie.