Tuesday, April 12, 2011

P365 ~ Week 15

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Sunday - I woke up and got ready for church but when I went upstairs I found my poor Mom really sick. We think she had the flu. So I stayed home from church and took care of her.

Monday - Another sick day for Mom. She was actually worse and I was getting worried. Sweet Pam came by the house with some chicken pieces so I could make some homemade soup with some rich chicken broth. Pam also brought these beautiful flowers for Mom. Tuesday - It must have been the 48 hour flu because Mom was back to cooking. I woke up to these delicious treats that she made when she woke up...vanilla scones, chewy granola bars and I am not sure what the other one was called but they were all delicious! Wednesday - Girls night out... sushi and shopping. Thursday - We took a little drive to what is going to be our new job location as of June 1st. Friday - We came home after work to see our new patio roof. I'm so excited! I can't wait to plan a cookout. I am going to be spending lots of time outside enjoying this new area of the house. Saturday - Our plan was to have a garage sale but after looking at the weather forecast we decided we better postpone the garage sale. So instead Mom, Kathy and I had a girls day out while Paul was home working on his homework. This is a picture of Mom right after her hair cut. Isn't she beautiful? Now it's time to check out Sara's blog to see what everyone else is up to these days.


The Bug said...

It must be about time for me to leave work because on your Tuesday picture I thought you said she made those goodies BEFORE she got up. I thought that was pretty miraculous :) I'm glad your mom is feeling better - & yes, she does look good!

sara said...

so glad your mom's bug was short!!! And I am amazed she could get up and cook all that after being sick!!!

I love, love sushi!!!

rita said...

Great haircut, Mary!
Delicious treats too. I heard that you get up at an unearthly hour everyday. What is it 3 or 4?
Do you still read voraciously?
OK, Lizzie, the above is for your mom.
Love to both of you, well all four!

Elizabeth said...

Mom is an early riser... actually the older she gets the less sleep she seems to need... I wish I could say the same thing about myself.

She LOVES reading. I am not sure how many books she has read while she has been out here but it always amazes me how fast she can read a book. I am a VERY slow reader so unfortunately I don't get much of reading accomplished.

Mom's visit out here is quickly coming to an end. We are leaving for a cruise Thursday after work... come back Monday afternoon and then she flies home Tuesday. I can't believe a month has gone by so quickly.

Lhoyt said...

Do you know any more about what your jobs will be when you go to the new company? Is the patio roof over the back? I didn't realize the back yard was that large. Mom's hair looks great! I'm surely looking forward to her return!