Tuesday, May 31, 2011

P365 ~ Week 22

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My week started off with having to have some blood drawn to make sure my thyroid medicine was working good. Little did I know the experience would be horrible. The lady stuck the needle in my arm and kept moving it... in and out and all around drying to hit the vain. After I couldn't take it any more, I told her sometimes they take it from my hand. Big Mistake - she did take it from my hand and ended up giving me a huge bruise. My right arm hurt for days. I hope I don't have to experience that again.
Kathy and I took some time to get pedicures. We found the best place ever. We go for the "ice cream" pedicure which starts with selecting an "ice cream scoop" which is a ball of salts and oils that gets put in the water. Normally our pedicures last about two hours. They do an awesome job! In addition to the normal pedicure process we also get a scrub, paraffin wax and hot stone message. After two hours of this kind of pampering I am totally relaxed.This is what happens when the local grocery store puts blueberries on sale for $1.00... we bought 25 of them. They are so sweet and delicious!
Saturday we enjoyed a relaxing day at home. I think my body was trying to fight something because I was very tired, cold alot and I also ended up with a cold soar on my mouth. So I was very thankful for a day to relax and just do whatever I wanted to do. Nothing was planned. Paul decided to enjoy the outdoors while I assembled the pens he made for the Father's at our church. He makes some beautiful pens.

Now it's time to check out Sara's blog to see what everyone else is up to these days.


Rosalyn said...

Those blueberries would freeze great. Mom use to do that and we would pull them out and eat them while they were still frozen. Great snack!

Anonymous said...

Yes, blueberries freeze real well. I still have a few in my freezer that I can use to make blueberry muffins. Yummy. Pris Goossen

rita said...

Save some frozen blueberries for us ;)
It will be fun to see Paul's handiwork.
Congrats on the new car!
That stabbing experience sounds worse than the thyroid ailment.
Have a great rest of the week!