Tuesday, November 8, 2011

P365 ~ Not sure what week

I just found this post sitting in my drafts.  I thought I had posted this but somehow I missed it so here goes.  Better late than never.
Journal/Notebooks I decorated to sell at the ladies retreat
Kathy's friend Brandee gave us a huge collection of Little's Pet Shop toys to give away to someone at church.  Before we gave it away Kathy set it all up at home and got a picture of it all.  There were so many pieces.
When Maureen was here visiting we went to get our famous ice cream pedicures.  We also invited Melissa (from church) to celebrate her birthday.  We had a fun and relaxing girls day.
We took Maureen to the outlets and of course, went shopping at Coach.
I made these Thanksgiving cards.  I thought they turned out GREAT!
I've been trying to keep up on my walking.  I  may not walk every day but I am now walking 3 miles at a time.
This was a free bottle of water we got at the grocery store.  I thought it was quite fancy for being water.
Kathy, Maureen and I went to Top of the World restaurant.  It was delicious, unique and fabulous.

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