Friday, May 25, 2012

P365 ~ Week 20

We had another celebration for Kathy's birthday.  This time some sweet friends from church planned it.  We had a fabulous meal at Top of the World and we ended it with this delicious dessert!
We delivered this container of goodies to a family from church.  The mother/wife was going in for surgery and we wanted to help out with meals and snacks so she wouldn't have to worry.
 Made some graduation cards and also learned about Instagram which allows me to play around with the color of my picture.  I am having lots of fun with it and you will probably notice a change because I am going to try to use Instagram for my blog pictures from now on.  I just love how it makes the colors pop!
 Two more trips to physical therapy for Paul.  He is doing really well.  The doctor says he on track with his progress.
 I went for a walk and it was so beautiful outside...I really enjoyed it... the sky was so clear and the air was crisp...just a lovely day in Las Vegas!
 Now that it's getting hotter outside I started drinking my smoothies refreshing after a walk.  Frozen banana, a little orange juice or water, a scoop of NatraBurst and any berries I have on hand....yummy!
 Made some thank you cards for a dear friend at church who is having her first baby.  I had so much fun making these cards and now I'm in the process of making the baby shower invites which will actually coordinate with these thank yous.  I'll be sure to share a picture of the invites once I get them done.
 These beautiful flowers were a sweet reminder that I am loved...thank you to Kathy and Paul for giving me these flowers to brighten my day... and thank you all who were lifting me up in prayer.  God was faithful to answer your prayers and bring me through what would have been my 10 year anniversary.
 We went out to Michaels (restaurant) to officially celebrate Paul graduating.... Congratulations Paul... We are all proud of you!
I know this post is late but I still wanted to share my week with you.

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