Sunday, May 27, 2012

P365 ~ Week 21

It was a craft filled week for me.  I even got Kathy to spend more time crafting this week.

I borrowed a sewing machine from a friend and Kathy helped me with some cards I wanted to sew ribbon on.... pictures of the finished card will be posted next week.
This isn't the greatest picture but I had to share this beautiful card Kathy made for our Pastor's wife whose birthday was Saturday.
 Kathy and I watched these precious kiddos so their parents could go on a date and watch The Avengers movie.  We had fun and they got a little break to spend time together.
 I finally made it to the Hobby Lobby that just opened up by our house.  I even drove myself.  Now that I know where it is, and how to get there, I am very thankful I don't normally have a car at home to use on a daily basis or visiting Hobby Lobby would become a problem for me :-)
 After physical therapy Paul wanted to stop by our local library... I noticed these signs and I thought they were interesting.  I have never seen special reserved parking for "low emitting or fuel efficient vehicles only"
 I learned (I think on Pinterest) that you can use dry erase markers on mirrors.  I finally decided to try it out and I love it.  I write the Bible verse on the mirror that I am working on memorizing.
 I received a special order for two teacher tins... I personalized them and everything.  I hadn't decorated tins in a while so I had some issues but I finished them and the teachers loved them.

 Here are some more cards Kathy made this week.  I am so happy we have been able to spend more time making cards.  It's so much fun, so relaxing and such a blessing to be able to send friends and family home made cards. 
Hope you had a blessed week.  This was our last full week before cruise.  We fly out on Thursday and I cannot wait!


The Bug said...

Love all your crafty projects! I hear you on Hobby Lobby - it's kind of addicting :)

In the parking lot at work there are three spaces reserved for hybrid cars & one for scooters. Makes me wish I had one because they're right up front!

Have fun on your cruise!

sara said...

I will be sending all the stamping stuff in the next week....with graduation, it just didn't happen!!

love all your cards! Can't wait to see the one with the ribbon.

Kim said...

I was quite enamored with Hobby Lobby when we were on furlough, too :) I felt their prices are very reasonable and they have SO MUCH STUFF. haha

I'm glad you and Kathy had time to craft together! I just think anything like that is more fun when you have someone to do it with.

Have a wonderful week!