Saturday, August 4, 2012

P365 ~ Week 31

I keep thinking things are going to slow down but they just aren't.  The start of this week I was doing really well with eating healthy and watching my points but by the end of the week, I was stressed out, overwhelmed and tired and the last thing I wanted to worry about was my food choices.
This is a Smart Ones heat up and it's actually a very tasty one and it's only 5 points which works out great for me.  It's turkey and mashed potatoes.  We had coupons and these went on sale at the grocery store so I ended up getting lots so I could eat them often.
 Paul had a doctor's appointment for his knee.  After the appointment Kathy and I ran to the drug store to have his prescription filled.  While Kathy was checking out I went and had my blood pressure taken. My blood pressure was excellent... the numbers were in the "normal" section so I was thankful for that. I've never had issues with my blood pressure but since high blood pressure runs in the family I try to check it when I see these blood pressure machines.
 Four days this week I walked 3 miles.  Because it's so HOT out here I have to wake up early to get my walking done.  So normally by 5:30 I am out the door enjoying this view.
 These are two sweet ladies who I, from time to time, get together to stamp and make cards.  We always have a wonderful time but this week it was extra special because...
 ... I got to go home with a box of goodies and 
 a huge stack of scrapbook papers.
 I was able to complete a set of cards I had been holding onto the supplies for these specific cards for quite a while.  It always gives me a much better sense of accomplishment when I finish something I started a long time ago.
 We had some internet problems and the way for the company to keep us happy we were given basic cable for free so I was actually able to watch some of the Olympics.
 There is so much to be happy about!!
 Kathy has been getting into making cards almost every night and she has been making some beautiful cards.  Here is one of her latest creations.
 I am so thankful we had an opportunity to go visit Wylma (our 92 year old friend) before she moves to Alabama to live with her nephew.  Wylma is a spunky old lady whose mind is as sharp as a tack. 
 Please pray for Wylma because as far as I know she has not turned her life over to the Lord.
 My latest creation... I was just in a glittery kind of mood.
Kathy and I made food for a baby shower today.  We had a wonderful time celebrating with our friend the miracle and blessing of a child.
How was your week?  Any celebrations?  Any special people in your life?  Heading on over to Sara's to read all about it.


sara said...

wow you got a lot done this week!!! Ok, I am a bad friend, the stamps are in a box ready to go and I have yet to get them to the PO. I will work really hard to get that done this week!!!


Loved your week. It looked like such a fun week...especially the goody box. I can't wait to see your cards when you finish them...have a wonderfully productive week.

The Bug said...

Ugh - I'm supposed to be doing WW too, but I've had a rough three weeks. I keep promising myself to get back on track but it's HARD! That turkey dinner looks pretty good though :)

LOVE your glittery card! So pretty. I wish you lived near me - I'm not stamping anymore so I could give you the stuff you'd want from my supplies.

momma frans said...

The "happy" card is my favorite. That's a really cute stamp.

Kim said...

You and Kathy make such beautiful cards! I'm glad you both enjoy doing it too. Being creative is a great stress reliever, isn't it?!

That's quite the view! Not sure I'd want to be walking out the door quite that early though :) Good for you!

Will pray for Wylma; she looks like a sweetheart. I wonder if any of her family in Alabama are believers?