Saturday, August 18, 2012

P365 ~ Week 33

This week was an emotional week for me but I have to say now as I am writing this I feel rejuvenated and on fire for the Lord.  Thank you God for your all sufficient grace!

The week started with a Life Seminar at church and it was fabulous.  Pastor Jeffers is an excellent speaker.  Sunday night we finished up the last session of the seminar and we spent some time singing and sharing testimonies from things we learned or were challenged with during the seminar.  We sang the song Rejoice in the Lord by Ron Hamilton (you can read all the lyrics on Kathy's blog).  The chorus starts by saying "Oh rejoice in the Lord, He makes no mistakes" and I fully believe God makes NO mistakes.  It gives me such peace knowing that Mike dying at such a young age and so suddenly was not a mistake.  It was always in God's plan...that was His perfect will.  I don't know why but I can have peace know God is in control and He makes no mistakes!

Had to make a guy birthday card for a dear friend at church.  This is what I came up with.  I found a similar idea on my favorite website for card ideas - Split Coast Stampers
 Tuesday night we spent an hour playing with our pastor's boys.  We had a blast although I have to say my favorite part of the night was watching Kathy play with this HUGE ball they have.  I couldn't stop laughing.
 Wednesday I was invited over to stamp with a dear friend of mine.  She made this card and I thought it was adorable... I loved the little onesie.  I ended up making a cute card somewhat like it.  I'll have to take a picture of it and share it later.
Thursday I spent the day cleaning the house and getting all the supplies cut out and ready for our stamp class on Saturday.
Friday was the 2 year anniversary of Mike's home going.  I spent the day in prayer and reading.  I fasted from all my electronics so I don't have a picture of this day.  I hope to share more about this day in a future blog post.

Saturday was the card class which turned out great.  The ladies had a fabulous time making cards and I enjoyed showing them how.
 When all the card making was over Kathy decided to pull out my flexi clips and show them off.  She started playing around and made these beautiful hair styles.  I ended up selling 3 Lilla Rose items which was a blessing since that will go to help pay for my missions trip to New Mexico in October.

 To end a long week we decided to go out to eat somewhere nice.  We tried two other restaurants before ending up at the Melting Pot.  We just couldn't see waiting an hour to be seated.  I was very thankful we were able to be seated at the Melting Pot without any reservation.  The cheddar cheese  fondue was my favorite, as usual!  This was Paul enjoying his white chocolate fondue for dessert!
How was your week?  I'm heading over to Sara's to check it out.


sara said...

It does bring so much comfort knowing that God is in control!!! I really don't know how people walk this life without that knowledge!

all those cards are awesome!!!

love the melting wish we had one here!!


Love your cards. You have an amazing eye and talent. Melting Pot...yummmo.

Kim said...


I'd love to go to a fondue restaurant sometime. That looks like fun!

Such pretty cards. Each one so unique.

Have a wonderful week!

The Bug said...

Love the cards - that "guy" is really a great idea & the onsie is just too adorable.

I'm glad you made it through "the anniversary" - & I'll be interested to read about your experience.

Elizabeth said...

Love you and the blog!!

rita said...

Paul really was hungry ;-) !
Praying with you about your mission future.