Wednesday, September 12, 2012

P365 ~ Week 36

Michael was in town last week.  He stayed at New York, New York.  We were able to see him every night which was a nice surprise since we thought he would be super busy with the convention. 
 We went to a fabulous restaurant and Michael ordered a 30oz Porterhouse steak.  Michael, Kathy and I all ate some and we still had lots left over.
I'm back to my early morning walking...I love the colors in the sky as the sun is coming up.
Sad to say I wasn't able to spend much time in the craft room this week but here is one card I made. 
We tried out a new Indian restaurant with Michael and I have to say that I like Indian food but the one thing I have found is that the service is always really slow.  I am wondering if this is normal for all Indian restaurants.
We took Michael out for breakfast before dropping him off at the airport.  It was nice being able to see him and spend some time with him.
I'm back to cat sitting... I had a few weeks off so it was nice to get back into it.
After a busy week, Kathy and I had the chance to take a break and get pedicures.  We tried a new type of pedicure called a Jelly pedicure... the water had little beads in it... it was interesting but Kathy and I both agree we like our Ice Cream pedicures better. 
Another happy Lilla Rose customer... I had to share this picture because I love how she did her braid and then added her flexi clip... Just gorgeous!
I know I'm late this week but still going to check out Sara's blog and see how everyone is doing.

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The Bug said...

I'm glad you got to spend some time with Michael this week.

I've only ever eaten at Indian buffets so I don't really know about slow service - ha! Wow, now I'm in the mood - I'll have to see if anyone wants to go to our local restaurant soon :)