Sunday, September 23, 2012

P365 ~ Week 38

A rough start to the week when the coffee maker dies but I learned a good tip, run white distilled vinegar thru the machine every 3 months to keep it running smoothly.
Kathy and I did some cleaning out of our kitchen cabinets.  We just found out about a neighborhood garage sale that we can participate in.  I am so excited to get some things organized here in the house.
 We had a fall card class and Christy was the only one who was able to attend but that made for a great one on one lesson on making cards.  It was fun and got me in the mood for fall.

These are the two cards we made together and then she got a chance to be creative and create her own card design.  I didn't get a picture of it but she did a wonderful job.  I will have to get a picture and share it with you next week.

We went to this restaurant that has this wall of mugs... I found out that the mugs are from their regular customers who are encouraged to bring a mug from home, leave it there to use whenever they come in and they get free coffee for using their own mug... how cool is that?!?  I thought it was a great idea!
 I'm getting a head start and making some Christmas cards to have on hand.  This is my first batch.  Hoping to come up with another design this week.
 We had a chance to go over to a friends house and play with a new cool crafting machine called a Silhouette Cameo.  We had fun cutting out some items in vinyl and can't wait to play some more in the days to come.
I found a cute card on Pinterest and had to make a few at home.  Aren't these adorable?
 Closing my post with these beautiful flowers Kathy bought at the grocery store.  Aren't these roses gorgeous?  The vase is really cool too because it is a unique shape.
 I hope you have had a great week.  I'm going to Sara's to read all about it.


The Bug said...

Well - lots of lovely things this week! Love the fall cards and that pinterest card is REALLY cute. And those flowers - gorgeous!

rita said...

Love the cards.
Just used another of yours today!
Like the bring-your-own-mug free coffee idea!
You are such an organizer.
In the middle of rereading and editing last year's blog in order to use Blog2Print. I'm in Vegas weeks right now, enjoying the memories.

Anonymous said...

Your fall cards are lovely. And the roses - I actually thought I could smell them. Priscilla G.