Saturday, September 15, 2012

P365 ~ Week 37

 Somehow I totally forgot to share these two pictures last week... Kathy planned our first L.I.F.T. (Ladies In Fellowship Together) activity.... dinner out at the Melting Pot.  Wonderful fellowship and delicious food... it was a GREAT evening.

This week I was in North Las Vegas dog sitting this adorable dog.

Since I was further north I was able to spend some time with some families from church who I don't normally get to see often because of us living so far apart from each other.  These two precious boys are the youngest children in the two families I spent time with this week.

 It started pouring and Miss A was thoroughly enjoying the rain.  It's a real treat when it rains here in Vegas.

I played Candy Land with this sweet little guy while his older siblings were being home schooled.  
 I was invited to tag along to a Wild Tree party.  I had never heard of the company and since I thought it would be fun.  The ladies who signed up for the party all went with their coolers full of meat and veggies in ziplock bags.  The bags on the table were full of recipes, oils and seasonings.  Each lady that participated was able to go home with 15 meals in ziplock bags.  Can you imagine having 15 meals in the freezer ready to use.  I am going to look into hosting one of these parties.


sara said...

a fun week! that party looks very fun and interesting!!! I need to look into it!


Looks as if you had a great week. The 15 meal thing does look intersting. I would love some more info on that. Wonder if they have something like that here.

rita said...

That party reminds me of a fun spring garden party I heard of where each one shares and then all can create a mixed pot of flowers and greenery.

Used one of your cards today for Kristie's birthday.

Kim said...

The Wild Tree party sound like my kind of party :) I'd love to have fun AND be productive!

How nice to be able to spend time with friends who live farther away. I enjoyed the friends who came to help us move Friday. A missionary wife came from the northern part of the province and a dear friend from Sta. Rosa came with her husband to help as well.

That looks like a great restaurant! Have never been to one like that, but would like to one of these days.

Have a wonderful week!

The Bug said...

Cute puppy! That Wild Tree sounds fascinating - I should see if it's around here at all.