Monday, November 12, 2012

P365 ~ Week 43 - 45

Somehow I lost a week in all my traveling and of course fell behind in posting and now I am all confused with my Project 365 post.  I am just going to share lots of pictures and hope to get you all caught up.

October has been crazy busy with lots of trips for me but I am so thankful for each trip I made.  I got to spend a week with Mike's family in Florida  It was wonderful getting to spend time with Roger and Megan and building a closer relationship with them.

We carved pumpkins
We went to Sea World
Went to school and ate lunch with them
We went bowling and while we were bowling Roger lost a tooth.
Walked them to their bus stop and helped with homework after school.
Had fun playing with Zoey and had lots of very long days :-)
Enjoyed lots of delicious food!
Made cake pops and empanadas
We joined a food co-op and have really been enjoying it.
Got some pickles canned after getting a crate full of pickling cucumbers.
 Kathy and I are now doing Sunday School for the little kiddos at church.  I watch the babies and she teaches the toddlers.  It's been fun spending time with these little guys!
 Made cauliflower pizza and it was delicious... not sure it was healthy since it uses tons of cheese but I can say it's carb friendly.
 Getting ready for my first Lilla Rose home party so I ordered some flexi clips to have on hand.  
 Made pascualina and had this wonderful couple from church over for dinner. 
 I had the opportunity to bless a family whose husband/father is going through some major medical problems.  This opportunity came about because of my missions trips to New Mexico.  It's amazing how God works!


The Bug said...

Looks like you've had a busy & fun few weeks!

skoots1mom said...

wow, what a've been busy, productive, giving and God will bless you ;)


You have been one busy chica. What is pascualina? Loved all the shots you much fun and life in them.

rita said...

Yes, give us the 'pascualina' recipe.
Remind me of Mike's family members' and how they were related. Wonderful that you could bless them with your presence!
Have fun as you stay busy busy :-)

The A Team said...

That's a good idea having so many flexi-clips on hand! Hope you will be able to sell a lot!
I trust you're doing well...Happy Thanksgiving!!