Sunday, November 18, 2012

P365 ~ Week 46

I've been enjoying working with the little kiddos at church.  I watch the babies and Kathy teaches the little ones.  She does a wonderful job and I always enjoy listening and watching her teach.
Kathy and I had the day off work so along with running errands and getting some clothes shopping done, we also met up with Paul for lunch, which isn't something Kathy gets to do very often since she is normally always working.
Thankful to have the cooler weather so we could enjoy some homemade chili!  yummy!
 One of the local churches was collecting clothes to give to the homeless so I went through my clothes and I was able to get a big trash bag full of clothes together to donate.  Glad to report they were all clothes that were too big on me.  I haven't gotten back on track with Weight Watchers since my trip to Florida but hope to soon.
 We had our LIFT (Ladies In Fellowship Together) event and along with great food and fellowship we also did a craft.  Everyone made their own banner like the Thankful banner in the picture below. The ladies were very creative and I think everyone had a great time crafting together.
I got to spend a day with a very sweet family from church.  We played games, read books, cleaned house and just had fun together.
 I haven;t had a chance to be in the craft room alot lately but this is a card I made this week.  I am actually going to be making a few more of these to give away.
 My owl flexi clip finally came in the mail.  It was so nice of Lilla Rose to allow us to back order these clips since they were such a big seller in October.
I am actually getting this post done on time.  It's amazing!  Now I am going to head over to Sara's to link up and see how everyone else is doing.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


sara said...

it's always a treat when I get to have lunch with my husband!

ugh...I need to go through my closet too!!

Love the card!


the card is gorgeous. I loved the hair thingy too. I have short hair so I never have any of those cool long hair things. I love getting to have lunch with my hubby too....we have one night a week....we call date night and I look so forward to it.

The Bug said...

Ooh that chili looks yummy!

I need to go through my closet too - time to get rid of all the summer stuff I didn't wear this year.

Love your owl clip - very pretty.

Baby Blessings said...

Sounds like you stay busy! That is great that you had clothes that are too big. I can tell in your pics that you have lost weight. This is a hard season to stay on track with healthy eating! I will pray for you! :o)

The A Team said...

Cute card and flexi-clip!
Have a great week!