Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week 10 ~ Project 365

I found this cute design paper in my craft room so I made some birthday cards this week. You can never have too many birthday cards on hand, especially when you give cards out to everyone at church.
One of our hens is being pecked to the point of drawing blood so we decided it was best to make her own little living area. Mike got an old dog crate and a milk crate and here is her new home where she can be safe.This picture isn't from this week but I've been wanting to share it and just haven't gotten the chance to. This is a tree that we had to get cut down in our back yard. Mike is going to chop it up for fire wood. Well one day he was outside with his saw and he carved this tree for me... it says "Mike and Elizabeth". There is another tree down and he carved "I Love You" on that one but I didn't get a picture of that one.
I received my Stampin Up order this week. I am so excited. I haven't ordered craft supplies in so long. I timed this order perfectly because I was able to get $15 free hostess items of my choice as well as 4 free stamp sets (approx worth $65) so I am very happy. Once I get back from my step daughter's wedding I will be working on wedding invitations for a friend who is getting married in May.
Here we are at Mike's daughter's wedding. It was a nice time to spend with family.

We came home to a good amount of eggs. I am looking forward to the egg production going up again in the spring.
The weather has been gorgeous so we opened up the windows. I am enjoying the birds chirping outside.

Check out all the other participants of Project 365... and thanks Sara for hosting!

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sara said...

sorry I didn't get over here sooner...crazy week!

the hen picture gives a whole new view of "hen pecked"!!! But how cool that you get fresh eggs!!!

I haven't stamped in YEARS! I used to love doing it, but have let it slip away....I need to get all that out.