Sunday, October 4, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 40

What an amazing week this has been. The weather has been so gorgeous outside that it has inspired me to spend some extra time outside.

One of my first projects for this week was to take my summer clothes out of my closet and put up my winter clothes. I guess I have more summer clothes because I ended up with a pile of hangers leftover.
It has been so nice outside that while we were running errands Mike decided to open the window and enjoy the fresh air. The fresh air was wonderful but I forgot to put my hair back so by the time our drive was over my hair was a complete mess! Another one of my projects this week was getting raspberry plants from our Pastor's house and planting them in our back yard. We woke up early, drove to their house, dug up 26 little raspberry plants and they also let us dig up some little blueberry plants. I am really excited because I have been making green smoothies every morning and I am using tons of fruit. More on the green smoothies in a later post. Anyway back to my picture... As we were getting ready to head back home, I looked back and I saw this beautiful scene. The sun beams coming through the trees, it was just awesome!We had our very first chick hatch on our little farm. It's doing really well and I am really happy about that. Mike called his sister Maureen first to tell her the good news and he said she could pick a name. We got a list of several names and decided on Dumplin'We had to go to Tractor Supply Company to pick up chick food because our other chicks are old enough now to be on regular chicken food. They had a clearance rack of summer clothes so I went over to check that out. In honor of our first hatched little chick I bought this shirt.(shirt up close)
I went out to collect eggs before our evening church service and I heard some peeps. Welcome Crispy! Mama hen is still laying on 4 eggs so we may end up with a few more chicks this next week. Come back next week to see! Be sure to check out Sara's blog and all the other Project 365 participants!


EstarellasFamily said...

As always your pictures are great! The one with the it!!
The tree one is absolutely beautiful!!
Lets hope for more peeps!!! (you could use "Peep" as a name too!)

Kim said...

Oh my those chicks are so cute! Love that shirt too :-) I think I have more summer things too. When I unpacked my summer clothes recently I didn't have enough hangers and had to buy more. Maybe we have more because we get hot and sweaty and change more often? Hmmm, something to think about!

When Ivan trimmed the grape arbor in Sta. Rosa he brought some of the clippings home with us and stuck them in the ground. And they're budding!

Have a great week!

rita said...

Your photos are so artful (is that a word?) even the hangers!
I am working on switching the seasonal clothes around a little every day. The weather has changed drastically in the last couple weeks.