Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today we spent the day driving around, running errands and reminiscing. During our outing today we drove by the first apartment we lived in when we moved to GA. We saw the building we use to work at, our favorite Chinese restaurant and many other places.
If you have ever lived in GA you know this famous landmark ~ the big chicken.

Whenever we went to Sam's Club on this side of town we tried to make it a point to stop and enjoy a "hot now" donut.

So of course we stopped for a morning snack :-)

We love looking through the window and watching the donuts frying, flipping and getting their glaze.

In case your mouth wasn't watering yet, here is a close up picture :-) After we accomplished everything we needed to accomplish today we went for some lunch. This place may not look like much when you first drive up...
and there may not be a sign anywhere that tells you what it's called...but the food is superb! I ordered chopped beef, fried green tomatoes, and Brunswick stew.
If you aren't familiar with you should really go check it out. They are currently having a 70% off sale, just use the code "PUMPKIN" when you check out and you will pay $3 for $25 certificate. If you live in or near the Atlanta area the restaurant I have pictured above is called "Swallow at the Hollow"


Kim said...

Love those "down memory lane" trips :-) Also LOVE Krispy Kreme donuts :-) I had to wipe the drool off my computer before I could type this comment. lol

Anonymous said... is AWESOME! That is really the only way we go out to eat- other than some really good coupons or specials! Krispy Kreme isn't on there however, but oh my- if it was, I would be in BIG trouble! Ted's Montana Grill is on there though and has some great healthy and good food there- Bison, free range organic chickens, and all their meat is fresh! Gotta go now- I am getting really hungry !