Sunday, October 11, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 41

Week 41 started with a day full of rain. Poor Betsy was stuck inside all day. She just curled up on her pillow and slept most of the day away.I finished Mike's scarf and I had him try it on. Not sure how many really cold winter days we will have but at least he's ready for them. The scarf is so nice and soft and I think the colors are perfect for him!I spent two days this week making cards. For the last month or two I have not been in a crafty mood. This was a good crafty week for me. I found this fish scrapbook paper in my craft room and thought it would be perfect to make some guy cards. I went to Split Coast Stampers to see what challenge would inspire me and I found a sketch challenge which resulted in me making this card.I was so happy with how the fish card turned out that I decided to get into my craft room the next day and try another challenge. This time I went to the Clean and Simple card challenge and came up with this card. I really like the color combination.Mike and I enjoyed a beautiful Saturday at the apple orchards in Ellijay. We bought a 1/2 bushel of three different type of apples (red delicious, Fuji and I don't remember the third kind). They are cole apples that I will be making apple sauce with. While we were at the second apple orchard we saw this door mat. Note: Mike saw it first and took the picture so I can't be blamed for calling him an "Old Goat" :-) I love this time of year when God blesses us with a very colorful scenery. The trees are so rich in color it's just awesome! Be sure to check out Sara's blog and all the other Project 365 participants!


Dena said...

Love the scarf. It looks really soft, which are my favorite kind. I don't like scratchy things around my neck.

I wish I was crafty the way you are. Making the cards sounds like fun.

The tree is beautiful! We seemed to switch weather so quickly, that we haven't had much as far as beautiful colors this year and I've missed it.

sara said...

The life of a dog!!! Our Lily did the same thing during the rainy days.

ok, I just about dropped the computer when I saw you went to in Georgia?!!

I have a group of friends I met at my 1st church in ND. One of their parents had a cabin in Ellijay and we met there (just the girls) the last weekend of Feb for 16 years!!! We even have a "pig" up at the BBQ place! Her parents sold the cabin and now we have had to find a new place to meet. I loved going there!

small world!

Edie said...

Great cards. I love that you take it one at a time. I get so excited about a project that I sometimes take on too much at once. lol.

rita said...

Edie is right, you enjoy each and every project in its time. I'm seeing that here too with Mike's pottery projects. It hasn't become a business yet. Don't know it it ever will. Is your card business growing?
We are enjoying the fall colors very much.
Have a great week, 'sobrina'!

Kim said...

What a fun door mat!

I, too, have to be in a crafty mood before I can do anything. My problem is, when I AM in a crafty mood I don't want to do anything else :-( That includes cooking, cleaning and laundry. lol

Those cards are so cute. I do like the color combo!

Great job on the scarf, too.

Have a great week :-)

Elizabeth said...

thanks everyone for the kind words about my cards... I love stamping and I love blessing others by giving them cards.

Sara - yes Ellijay GA... we dont live too far from there and it is so beautiful... My husband and I love to rent cabins and get away but we have never stayed in Ellijay... one year we got a cabin in Blue Ridge and the next year it was in Gatlinburg...