Friday, July 20, 2012

Good Goers NM Missions Trip

The church we stayed at in Pinedale
Bible written in Navajo.
These were the cute little cots we slept in and may I say they were actually quite comfortable.
New Mexico has some gorgeous sunsets... this picture doesn't do it justice.
This is the Good Goers missions team.  It was a privilege to work along side these wonderful people.
With all the financial gifts I received I was able to take a full suitcase of items to donate to the Navajos.  Thank you all for your support!

First day of cleaning...this house has no electric and no indoor plumbing so cleaning was a bit more challenging but it was a great reminder to be thankful of all the comforts in life that we take for granted.
We removed the broken stove from the house
We got all the broken flooring pulled up.
We swept and swept and swept the floors before painting.

We painted all the floors
We learned how to make fry bread
Navajo taco made with the delicious fry bread
We painted the walls.
This is an awesome restaurant that allows local crafters to come around and sell their hand made items.
We cleaned up after all the painting.
The guys put together a futon/sofa seat
We scrubbed the walls that didn't get painted.
We bought a new stove and installed it with a full propane tank so it was ready to use.
We replaced a shelf and put the kitchen cabinet together.
We painted the ceiling.
We fixed the outhouse door and bought a toilet seat for it.
I have to share this picture to show you how much scrubbing we did in the kitchen.  Look at the cabinets... the ones on the right have been scrubbed down.  When we first started cleaning the kitchen we had no idea they were light colored cabinets.
The team on the day we said goodbye to the family.
Then we came back later that night and surprised them all with beds, sheets, blankets and pillows.
Before this night they were sleeping on the floor... this was a huge blessing for them.
This is the room after we pulled the old padding off the floor, painted the ceiling and floor, scrubbed the walls, set up the beds and got them all ready for them to use that night.
It was a full three days of working hard but it was such a blessing.
To end our missions trip we went to the Grand Canyon.  I'll share those pictures tomorrow.

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Elizabeth said...

WOW!!! We have so much to be thankful for!!